When building a new baseball stadium. Where does home plate face?

Major League Baseball clearly states in rule 1.04 "THE PLAYING FIELD: It is desirable that the line from home base through the pitchers plate to second base shall run East Northeast." The location of the owner's boxes, prevailing wind directions, and a multitude of other reasons have caused rule 1.04 to be ignored by Major League baseball teams. Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a National League ballpark orientation chart designed to illustrate the actual layouts.
The pitchers mound.
The pitchers mound.
The point of the plate faces the backstop, the 'flat' of the plate faces the pitcher's mound. If you mean directional, I think it faces north.
Mecca (Yankee Stadium)
If in an outdoor stadium, I would'nt point it to the west where the batter would have the sun in his eyes in an evening game. If indoors it wouldn't make much difference.
Most (not all) parks have the plate at the southwest corner, leaving right field as the "sun field".

Rangers Ballpark is one exception, the plate is at the northwest corner, so left is the sun field.
While, the team has discretion on which direction home plate faces, historically, the plates have faced west. That is why left handed pitchers are known as southpaws. Because when they pitched in games they faced South.

This direction of the plate also keeps the sun out of the batters eyes as (afternoon) games progress.
If it's an outdoor stadium it has to face (i.e. the direction a batter is facing when at bat) generally to the Northeast but can be closer to either North or East as necessary for the building of the stadium.
The rules suggest that the line from home plate through second base run east-northeast. This is so the sun won't be in the pitcher's or batter's eyes.
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