I made a small spelling error on my name in my tax return what do i do?

I made a small spelling error when i was doing my 06 tax return and it has been already accepted by the IRS. Will i still get my check? Will i have future problems?

as long as the SS number is correct and the name is close, the IRS doesn't care about the spelling on the tax return. If the refund check is misspelled, but close enough, it surely can be deposited into your bank account.
Make sure the name is correct on the Social Security records. If all is O.K. then you can relax. The IRS goes by SS number first. If the SS records are not correct..contact SS office and take them a certified copy of your birth cert. and have the records corrected.(you can get a certified copy from the county clerk where you were born..they will mail a certified copy to you (for a fee)
My accountant 2 years ago spelled my last name wrong on my tax return and I still received my check. Just correct it in 07. (I don't use that accountant anymore...)
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