Tax refund delay...irs ref code 1121?

Is anyone else having this problem? I read some posts on these forums but it looks like everyone received their refund. We submitted ours 2/8/07 and it is now 4/27/07. The IRS site is showing ref code 1121 (same code for 2months). We received a CP05 letter stating there is a delay in processing and if they need any further info they will contact us in three weks. That letter was posted 3/26/07 and still no letter. So, I am pretty sure we are not getting audited. We spoke with one of the IRS operators and he said he doesnt see anything that jumps out at him and doesnt know why its being delayed. Anyway, I am just looking for some answers and thought I would try here b/c the IRS sure isnt answering any of these questions for us. Is anyone in the same boat as me and, if so, do you have a clue as to whats going on? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

They won't give you a valid reason for the delay, but you can bet that it is frozen and will take a loooooooooooong time to receive. They are reviewing your return for suspicious items. I've been waiting for over 3 months, faxed all documentation proving everything I claimed over a month ago, refund was released 3 weeks ago but still no money. I have an advocate, received congresssional help, etc. It doesn't matter.

Good Luck!
They are reviewing your return for some reason (also called a desk audit) Did you call the number given on the where's my refund page? If not, you should call that number and give them your reference code (1121). Someone should be able to tell you what is being reviewed and who is reviewing it.
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