Can US qualified CPA's find jobs in Australia?

If you are looking for an accounting job, it is possible, but you would still need to get accquainted with Australian accounting practices. If you are looking for any old job, sure.. But if you are looking for a CPA equivalent to Australia, you probably would need to study Australian accounting principles and take that test..
I am sure that a US firm that does business in Australia needs to convert their financials to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles so they can comply with reporting standards of US regulators, such as the SEC, or the Stock Exchanges or the AICPA
Auditing jobs are easier for internaltional trnasfers, we've had people from Europe and Africa.

Business services, taxation and insovancies type of jobs you need to get more studies in the law, so maybe not as easy.

US CPA has agreement with CAP AUstralia, and the Institute of Chartered accountants for transferring Memberships. Checkout the US CPA website to obtain the procedure see if an exam is required. As far as I know, Austrlian qualified CPA and CA need to do an 4 hour exam to get USA CPA, I'd Imagine it'll be the same reciprocally.

Hope this helps
Only if you can count to one and a half.
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